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The production and the environment are two top concerns of enterprises and governments. The more the production develops, the more the environment is affected. Industrial wastes, hazardous waste, dust, smoke, etc. during the production will lead to pollution of air, water and land. Long-term accumulated pollution definitely causes negative impacts on crops, animal, people’s health and even their next generations’.
Inside JVF Factory
In developed countries like Japan, the environment protection is always the top importance regardless in production or daily activities. Thus, Japanese companies always pay high attention to their investments in high-end technologies in order to protect the environment and to ensure the safety of products. As a 100% Japanese owned company, Japan Vietnam Fertilizer Company (JVF) is proud of our Japanese fertilizer-production technology friendly to the environment, safe to people’s health and efficient to all crops.
JVF has been producing high-quality NPK fertilizers by a modern production line of steam granulation technology, which is evaluated as an advance technology suitable for the tropical climate like in Vietnam.
The steam granulation process allows JVF to flexibly and easily switch raw materials such as SA, DAP, MAP, SSP, MOP and SOP in accordance with required formulas any time during the production. The rotary drum granulator ensures the nutrient homogeneity in all granules and makes granules round and hard. The most importance is that this steam granulation technology does not use liquid materials like Ammonia or Phosphorus Acid during the production. As a result, it does not cause pollution to air, land or water.
Control RoomThe basic principle of the Steam Granulation Process is not new, but one of JVF’s investors, Central Glass Co., Ltd (CGC) has developed to a highly-compact and efficient process. The production process is implemented by an automatic and closed water-recycling technology not causing environment pollution. Especially, the complete dust collection and filter system allow JVF to collect dust and waste during the production. The collected dust and filtrated water are reused in the production for the material saving and the environment protection.
In addition, JVF uses imported materials from reputable and high-quality international suppliers in order to meet strict requirements of product quality. The automatic and periodic sampling system every 15 minutes facilitates JVF to control nutrient contents and to ensure that there is no toxic or harmful substance to the environment, crops or people’s health in raw material or end-products.
JVF has always strictly complied with Vietnamese laws and Japanese quality standards regarding the environment protection and product quality. Therefore, JVF strongly believes and prides that our “green” technology and high-quality NPK fertilizers always have and always will contribute to the safe and efficient agriculture of Vietnam.
JVF’s NPK Fertilizers: Friendly to the Environment – Safe to People’s Health – Efficient to All Crops
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