30/05/2019, 16:12 PM
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Fake fertilizers not only negatively affect to yields and quality of agricultural products but also pollute the environment and harm people’s health. There are thousands of fertilizers are traded in the Vietnamese market and so many of them fake reputable brands confusing farmers.

In order to help farmers to distinguish our high-quality NPK fertilizers with fake products, Japan Vietnam Fertilizer Company (JVF) would like to provide you with distinguishing features of our NPK fertilizers as follows:

  1. The Logo of Japan Vietnam Fertilizer Company contains 2 paddy panicles at 2 side and a snowed mountain in between:     LOGO_pantone_7733
  2. Flags of Vietnam and Japan at bag sides:      la_co
  3. The letter "VIỆT NHẬT" is written in Vietnamese and Japanese at a bag side: chu_nhat
  4. A symbol of a product is put in a hexagon, for instance: luc_giac stands for NPK Việt Nhật 16-16-8+13S+B&Zn (TE) (G1TC)

  5. The PE inner plastic is folded and sealed by heat 

  6. The outside bag is sewed by color threads 


    We have one factory only at Go Dau Industrial Zone, Phuoc Thai Village, Long Thanh District, Dong Nai Province.


In order to make good yields and high-quality agricultural products, to get further instructions to properly apply as well as to avoid fake fertilizers, we would like to recommend farmers to buy our high-quality NPK fertilizers at our official dealers in your locals.

JVF’s NPK Fertilizers – Quality from Japan for Vietnamese Success

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