NPK 16-7-18+12S+TE
NPK 16-7-18+12S+TE

NPK 16-7-18+12S+TE

JVF NPK 16-7-18+12S+TE

Net weight: 50 kg

Expiry date: 48 months

Certificate No.: 1559/QĐ-BVTV-PB

Product code: 04525

Produced by Japan Vietnam Fertilizer Company

Address: Go Dau Industrial Zone, Phuoc Thai Village, Long Thanh District, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam
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    Total Nitrogen (T-N): 16%

    Available Phosphorus (A-P2O5): 7%

    Available Potash (A-K2O): 18%

    Sulfur (S): 12%

    Boron (B): 466ppm

    Zinc (Zn): 800ppm

    Moisture: 2%


Specialized NPK for Sugarcane
- Apply 350 - 400 kg/ha/time or 1000 - 1200 kg/ha/season

Please contact us or our official dealers for further recommendations and instructions of suitable formulas and application methods for your crops.