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4 years after entering into the strategic partnership agreement to develop the sugarcane cultivation areas in the East Gia Lai, Japan Vietnam Fertilizer (JVF) has handed over Maps of Soil Nutrient Status to Quang Ngai Sugar JSC (QNS). Based on such maps, QSC is able to set up a process of cultivation and fertilization suitable for each type of ...
After reducing under VND30,000/kg in the middle of May, coffee price increased again and especially sharply in last week. Raw coffee is predicted to continuously increase in this week.
In the morning of September 27, 2018, Quang Ngai Sugar JSC (QNS) coordinated with Japan Vietnam Fertilizer Company (JVF) to hold a workshop “NPK Viet Nhat Fertilizers Improve Production Efficiency and Competitive Ability of Sugarcane at Material Areas of An Khe Sugar Factory in 2018”.
In the morning of May 10, 2017 in HCMC, Japan Vietnam Fertilizer Company (JVF) and Quang Ngai Sugar JSC (QNS) jointly held a strategic partnership ceremony.
The market economy and the integration have strongly impacted on almost enterprises. Thus, the cooperation strategy for the mutual development has become an essential tendency to increase competitive ability and positions in the market.
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