JVF Is Towards the Sustainable Development of the Sugar Industry

24/07/2015, 10:04 AM
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After over 15 years of operation, Japan Vietnam Fertilizer Company (JVF), a compound NPK fertilizer producer, has been producing and supplying to both of domestic and oversea markets more than 4.5 million tons of all kinds of fertilizers. JVF not only positions as a high quality NPK producer in Vietnam but also accompanies sugar companies to achieve the target of sustainable development.
Mr. Takeo Ishii, General Director of JVF
In 1999-2002, JVF supplied NPK fertilizers to sugarcane areas of many sugar factories, such as Bourbon Tay Ninh, Nuoc Trong, Khanh Hoa, Quang Ngai, An Khe, etc. Until now, JVF has accompanies with the Vietnamese sugar industry to develop and expand sugarcane acreages in many main cultivation areas, such as in the Central, Central Highland, Southeast, Mekong Delta and some Northern provinces. In which, the most concentrated areas are Tay Ninh, Gia Lai, Quang Ngai, Phu Yen, Khanh Hoa, Dong Nai, etc.
As shared by Mr. Takeo Ishii, General Director of JVF, not only does it stop at providing traditional NPK products, JVF has also continued to research new products suitable for each type of soil and growth stage for many years for the best efficiency of JVF’s fertilizers. In 2011, JVF equipped a soil analyser and took hundreds of soil samples of main crop in many major areas to analyze, evaluate nutrient contents in soil, such as P2O5, K2O, S, CaO, MgO, organic matters, pH, etc. in order to recommend the most suitable dosages of fertilizers for each crop in each area. This is also an important step to improve yields and crop quality for the best efficiency to farmers.
In addition, JVF also coordinate with local agri-centers, agri-departments, organizational customers and sugar companies to perform annual demonstrations and to improve farmers’ cultivation knowledge and technique through trainings for the yield and crop quality improvement. At demonstration plots in sugarcane areas, demo plots with NPK Viet Nhat always produce outstanding yield.
Based on results of demonstrations and soil analysis, JVF has produced specialized NPKs for sugarcane named “Sugarcane 1” and “Sugarcane 2”, in which secondary elements and trace elements are appropriately added. New products with reasonable prices were introduced to the market and have brought to customers high yield and CCS and good harvest with high economic efficiency.
Furthermore, JVF is always accompanying with Vietnamese sugar companies to improve competitive ability by solutions of mechanization, varieties and fertilizers. JVF is also an active company participating sugarcane programs of subsidiaries of TTC group for many years, in which, one of practical activities is to participate the 2nd International Sugarcane Workshop in 2014 and the 3rd on in 2015.
From achieved results, Mr. Takeo Ishii shared JVF’s orientation in the coming time is to always accompany with the Vietnamese agriculture and sugarcane industries and also committed that JVF’s NPK quality always complies with Japanese quality standard and each product contains optimal nutrient contents improving yield, quality and competitive ability of Vietnamese agri-products in both of domestic and international market; thereby, bringing to farmers more benefits, high economic efficiency and added values for both of farmers and Vietnamese economy.
By The Saigon Times
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