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On the morning of April 20, 2024, Viet Nhat Fertilizer Joint Stock Company was honored to receive the "Top 10 Leading Brands of Vietnam" award for the 11th time, held at the Ben Thanh Theater (District 1, Ho Chi Minh City) and broadcast live on HTV1 channel - Ho Chi Minh City Television. The award was organized by the Vietnam Enterprise Development Science Association and the Asian Economic Research Institute in collaboration with the Institute for Survey and Evaluation of Competitiveness to select outstanding enterprises and leading brands in fields and industries trusted by consumers nationwide.


Established in 1995, Vietnam - Japan Fertilizer Joint Stock Company (JVF) carries the mission of providing high-quality NPK fertilizer products to farmers. Over nearly three decades of establishment and development, JVF has continuously strived and innovated to become a leading brand in the fertilizer industry in Vietnam.

•   More than just fertilizer - Comprehensive solutions for agriculture.

JVF goes beyond fertilizers to provide a comprehensive solution for agriculture. We understand that each crop has unique fertilizer requirements and that different growth stages demand varying nutrient ratios. Consequently, JVF has developed a diverse product range to cater to the specific nutrient needs of each crop. Additionally, JVF boasts a team of highly skilled technicians and offers soil nutrient analysis, training, and technical consulting services to empower farmers with knowledge.


To meet the urgent needs of farmers, JVF has partnered and built a network of over 50 distributors nationwide, focusing on key agricultural regions such as the Central Highlands and South Central Coast, the Mekong Delta and the northern provinces.

•    Quality is trust.

JVF is committed to product quality. Every JVF product undergoes rigorous quality control according to Japanese standards through 3 stages, ensuring that products delivered to users always meet the highest standards. Quality is a key factor for JVF to build trust with customers and partners.

•    Well-deserved reward for relentless effort.

With relentless efforts in improving product quality and contributions to the development of Vietnamese agriculture, JVF has been honored to be the preferred choice of farmers and has received numerous awards and recognitions, including: The "Golden Rice Flower of Vietnam" Award for many consecutive years, The "Friend of Vietnamese Farmers" Award, Gold Medals for many products, Top Ten Prestigious and Quality Brands and Products Golden Cup, "Famous Brand" Award, Certificates of Merit from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Certificates of Merit from the Prime Minister's Office. 
Title of "Enterprise for Farmers",..etc

•    Environmental Protection - JVF's Responsibility.

Understanding the importance of environmental protection in the goal of sustainable agricultural development, JVF always focuses on environmental factors in production. JVF's production process applies environmentally friendly technologies, closed automation, completely eliminates dust and emissions, ensuring the health of producers and consumers.


•    Enhance community value.

Committed to accompanying farmers on their journey to rural development, Viet Nhat Fertilizer regularly organizes periodic specialized seminars to enhance knowledge and share experiences with farmers, as well as connect with local agencies and businesses in monitoring, analyzing soil quality, the environment and evaluate the effectiveness of crop development. Typically, in collaboration with An Khe Sugar Factory, Viet Nhat Fertilizer has analyzed 226 samples, with an assessment area of over 29,463ha. From there, sugarcane growers are recommended to apply appropriate fertilizers for each type of soil, avoid waste, and increase efficiency. This is a testament to the difference, the strength that only Viet Nhat Fertilizer Company can currently meet.


With relentless efforts, JVF is confident that it will continue to be a reliable partner for the people, and maintain its position as a leading brand group in the journey of sustainable agricultural development in Vietnam.

-    Plant Site: Go Dau Industrial Zone, Hamlet 4, Phuoc Thai Village, Long Thanh District, Dong Nai Province. 
-    Transaction Office: 9th floor, Zen Plaza, 54-56 Nguyen Trai Street, District 1, HCMC 
-    Phone contact: (028) 6290 5069
-    Website: 

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